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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brain Lesion

On Thursday August 12, I suffered a seizure.
My daughters found me, got Mama, and they all saved my life.
I was rushed to the hospital, where I suffered 3 convulsions before being stabilized in ICU.
I regained consciousness on Saturday August 14th.
After more blood/brain/body tests and scans than I want to list here, they found a lesion in my brain in the frontal(?) posterior lobe.
Apparently, it's not called a tumor until they figure out if it's malignant or not.
I've got a functional MRI, and an MRS (MRI Spectroscopy) in upcoming weeks.
My employer is being incredibly gracious about discretionary rules, and bending over backwards to keep my insurance current.
That said, there are deductibles and living expenses and possibly even a gap coming, depending on how much pressure I can exert on hospitals and labs to expedite things.
I don't really like it, but I've added a "Donate" button over on the right; I'd appreciate any help you can give, whatever you can afford.
I'm not a tax lawyer, but as far as I can figure, an individual like me can't be a non-profit, so it would have to fall under the generic "gift" category on your tax forms...
I'll be in and out of labs and hospitals for a few weeks; I'm not allowed to drive for 6 months (or longer, if I suffer another seizure) and that's just the beginnings of how this complicates things.
Thanks for all your prayers (of any flavor) and support! I've had a lot of help already from friends and family, and it is much appreciated!!!


Ricardo Machado said...

Oh man...
That's pretty rough dude. I know that words are just words but I believe they heal our soul instead of any physical effect. Anyway, I hope you get better man. No one deserves or should be target of such things.

And specially when we have children... That's pretty rough man.

But hey, You'll get through it!!! Ain't we all Coders? Hell yeah! We're the toughest guys in a matter of brain =).

About the donate, I will gladly do it (as soon as I get my salary :)), 'cause as Latin says: "Et pluribus unum".

\o Best of luck

Richard Lynch said...

I've started a "Thank You!" page for all the donors.
Your support is much appreciated!!!