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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Adobe Spams

Today, July 21, 2009, Adobe has once again resurrected the email I gave them in 2007, and has spammed it.

I say again: Adobe spams, boycott Adobe.

For the record:

I loathe Flash.

I mean, even on Windows where it kind of sort of works, it sucks up WAY too much RAM, and WAY too much CPU, and crashes far too often.

Not that anything really works well on Windows (other than their Marketing, Legal, and Bullying Departments) but Flash works particularly badly.

On Linux? Forget it.

I gave up installing the damn thing, even on Windows, about a year ago, and you know what?

I have found that there is not one site with any content worth getting that I am missing out, that I can't find elsewhere.

Maybe your experience is different; Maybe you just can't live without uTube.


But for me, no more Flash, ever again.

Oh yeah, the real reason I hate Adobe is that they are spammers.

They added me to their mailing list, unsolicited, and sent me commercial junk mail.

So unless you want to support spammers, stop using their products.

It's that simple.

Thank you.