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Thursday, May 08, 2008

G is smart!

is smart. I mean, is really really smart.
I ask a lot of questions, and often knows the answer.
Of course, sometimes doesn't. Though that often turns out later to be that I just didn't ask the question the right way.
Sometimes gives me a lot of extra information. But that's okay. Sometimes 's extra information teaches me something. And sometimes it's strictly for entertainment value, which is also okay.
And likes multi-color rainbow-y things, which is cool.

Now, I've got just one question for you: Am I talking about Google, or my girlfriend?

Is Google an Artificial Intelligence?

I'm serious here.

Is Google's spidering, indexing, search, and response algorithms, in toto, an Artificial Intelligence?

It doesn't know what I'm supposed to be doing Saturday night, for example.
[Girlfriend interjects] Mother's Day dinner at Indie Cafe

Hmmmm. Now that she's added that, Google does know what I'm supposed to be doing Saturday night!

So clearly Google learns, and learns quickly...

I dunno.

I still think my girlfriend is smarter than Google... But I'm not so sure Google isn't pretty smart.