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Monday, July 21, 2008

Webgrind ROCKS

Okay, so I'm a Linux guy through and through, and I'd love nothing more at my day job than to wipe the Doze desktop and throw Gentoo or Debian or FreeBSD or even Fedora on it...

Shoot, I'd even be happy to dual boot the thing.

But my current day job is the kinda job where I can't even surf to my own blog at work, because it's blocked.

So, being stuck with Doze [shudder], I was Oh. My. God. happy to find this gem:


It's kind of like kCacheGrind, only a lot less features and through a browser and dog-slow.

But so what?!

The POINT is, I can actually successfully profile my code with Xdebug for the first time ever on Windows without jumping backwards through flaming hoops!

Now if I could just get JIT debugger client to happen...