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Monday, February 06, 2012

Rebuild theme registry on every page.

Rebuild theme registry on every page.

During theme development, it can be very useful to continuously rebuild the theme registry. WARNING: this is a huge performance penalty and must be turned off on production websites.

The last couple weeks, I have found out the hard way exactly what this is talking about... :-(

You probably won't really notice it on page load, unless your site is high traffic.

But even a LOW traffic site, with MySQL replication set up, your MASTER hard drive is going to fill up very quickly.

We were generating 4.4G per day on a low-traffic site.

This is because re-building the theme registry on every page deletes all the {variables} and the whole theme registry and then re-INSERTs them all on every page hit.

Just flipping that off on ONE low-traffic site brought disk usage down to 400M per day.

When keeping several days' worth of mysql binary logs, that difference adds up quickly.

Note that only SOME themes even have such a checkbox in their "Configuration" panel. The most notable one (that I know of) is Zen or any theme built on Zen.