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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sprint Sample Silliness

Only Sprint could deliver a camera phone, chock-full of Sample Pictures, which are LOCKED and you cannot DELETE, so you can't take more than ~6 pictures.

And their tech support has no idea how to unlock/delete them.

Innumerable forum threads asking how to delete them exist.

And the only solution appears to be to download the phone OS, hack into it with a JavaLoader or by mounting it on your computer, finding some oddly-named .cod file, and deleting that file before you install the OS.

But the name of the file is version-dependent, and deleting the wrong file gives you a dead phone.

And, really, how tricky can it BE to give users an "unlock" button or just make the sample pictures not locked in the first place?!


emeacham (Ed Meacham) said...

I'm assuming this is a Blackberry? (java os) I really HATE that RIMuses Java as the platform for their OS... In my experience, boot times were ridiculous, quality apps were scarce/expensive, browser sucked, updating or re-installing the OS was a joke you never wanted to hear/tell about.

Over the last ~7 years, I've moved out from manfacturer OS (standard web-enabled/multimedia cellphone) to teh smartphone world... then from Blackberry to WinMo to Android.

Each time, I remember thinking to myself, "HOW DID I LIVE WITHOUT THIS!??!?"

Since going Android, I've not looked back once. You should look into the Evo... last I read, it's due out June 4th. (just a few days!)

Richard Lynch said...

Yep, Blackberry.

And further Tech Support has revealed that:

1) it's really RIM / Blackberry at fault, not Sprint/Nextel

2) They are clueless. They claim they need those photos to get back to a valid "theme" if you install a dodgy theme. Those photos aren't *IN* the default themes.

I need an SSH client app, which at the time I chose BB, were slim on the ground...

I probably should switch, but can't afford it right now.