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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brain Tumor

Quick Update:
The neurosurgeon says the Functional MRI and MR Spectroscopy point towards a tumor rather than infection.
Surgery on Tuesday.
Don't know what time until Monday night, as they need to keep their schedule flexible until the day before.
A biopsy for sure, and removal of as much as seems prudent, hopefully all of it.
He can't say for sure until he's in there exactly what can come out and has to stay.
Apparently I'll be conscious while he's operating, so he can double-check various brain bits aren't tied to anything important based on what twitches when he touches it or something.
I'd rather just be knocked out and wake up healed, but I'm sure not gonna argue brain surgery.
I'll probably/maybe have paralyzed hands for a week or so.
Won't have biopsy results for 72 hours after surgery. Guess I'll have a race with the Doc to see if I can walk out of the hospital before he has answers. :-)
Don't be surprised if this blog goes silent from 8/31 through 9/7, give or take...
Thanks for your generous donations!
I'll be swamped in bills soon, so it's much appreciated.

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