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Sunday, January 26, 2014

End Game

Well we knew it had to happen in the end. 

The brain cancer has won.

You know how they say in the old movies, "Get your affairs in order, you have 3 to 6 months to live?"

Well they phrase the first part differently, the last part is the same.

I have been given 3 to 6 months to live by the doctors. 

Well I don't think the doctors know everything, and I'm trying this funny-looking headgear that makes me look like an Irish Rabbi. Things look bad.

I have granted powers of attorney, made out my will, blah blah blah.

I'm just gonna let them foreclose the house I love. 

I quit my job because I can't type, and a programmer who can't type is not a programmer. 
[I'm dictating this to my daughter, who's taken such good care of me.]

The love of my life hasn't slept for days taking care of me, and my family has had to bear the brunt of my care. I thank them for standing by me during this period.

I hate to beg for money, but I am in dire financial strates. There's a PayPal link in the top corner. Any financial help would be a blessing.

I am maintaining a THANK YOU page, but forgive if I don't update frequently...


Kellin Smith said...
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Samuca said...

The paypal button it's not showing in the mobile version of your site

Zak Greant said...

Oh Richard,

I really want to write something witty and awesome that makes you feel like Charlie Sheen on a good day, but I can't think of a damn thing.

On the bright side, money spends a lot better than wit, so I'll send some of that.

Thank you for asking for help - it's an honour, old friend. I'm sorry that we fell out of touch.

L. Amber Wilcox-O'Hearn said...

Dear Richard,

I know that there are many quacky cancer “curing” regimes going around, and you are probably tired of hearing claims. However, I hope you will give me your ear for a couple of paragraphs anyway, because I'm talking about something with scientific basis. Also, in case it matters, I'm not selling anything.

I've been studying ketogenic diets for over a decade. They are better than any drug for epilepsy, and also have promise for other conditions, especially when the brain is involved. In the last few years a lot of discoveries have been made about ketogenic diets and cancer, but brain cancer is an an especially active area of research. For brain cancer, ketogenic diets have been successful in animal studies and some human case studies, and there are at least 4 clinical trials going on for it that I am aware of:


I know you don't have time to wait for these trials to complete, but I wanted you to know that it has a strong possibility of helping.

Here are some case studies:


On a personal note, I have an acquaintance who had brain cancer, had all the therapies fail, and like you was told that was the end. My husband told him about the research and advised him to go on a strictly meat diet with no calorie restriction. All traces of the cancer disappeared and have stayed gone for almost two years now. I know this is just an anecdote, but given the advanced stage of his cancer, the chances of it going into remission spontaneously are, as you must be painfully aware, rather slim.

If you want to talk about it, please contact me. My husband and I also have a website presenting some of the other things we've learned about ketogenic diets and health, which you can find through my profile.


Shane said...

Do you think it was all the PHP?


A PHP Lover

RJ said...

Hey Rich,

The battle isn't over and cancer hasn't won because you are alive. Lay off the carbs and increase your fat intake. Just eat lots of non-lean meat (try not to char your food, either) and ZERO carbohydrates. While you're at it, consume lots of slightly cooked/steamed dark green veggies including spinach and broccoli. Quit screwing around with "specialist" doctors who are primarily trained in supporting drug company profits. Win.

Love ya man,



RJ said...

Scratch the broccoli (contains carbs). Replace with kale or some shit. Btw, chemo causes cancer and so does radiation. Workers who touch that crap are in a cancer bubble. You can get cancer from just touching chemo drugs. Good luck bro.


Seriously dude, get away from those "docs"...

cassandra said...

Rich, I have never forgotten how you came to our aid when Flavian and I both had the flu and we needed someone to look after baby William. (He just turned 21, so this was 20 years ago.) You were always a sweet, sensitive human being and I'm sorry we haven't seen you in so long (tho I do get updates from Mary).

Continue to maintain your good cheer and sense of humor. Anyone who has ever had the good fortune to know you appreciates it!