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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Brain Surgery Survivor

I made it!
Even have fully functional hands.
I feel about like you'd expect when somebody cuts a hole in one's head... :-)
Thanks so much for the prayers of any flavor and donations.
Followup appointments next week are still in pencil due to doctor schedule conflicts, but at lest one of them should tell me something some time next week, regarding malignant/benign and grade/scale or whatever.
Had a screamer on the same floor last night, so didn't sleep much...
Very tired, so I'll end this post here.
Just know I'm alive, and recovering, and will know the Real Story next week...

[EDIT: 2010-09-11]
I added this photo from my sister's phone.  Those white circles were some kind of GPS markers for an MRI mapping that lets the surgeon match up the brain images of the tumor with what's actually in my head.
Had I only known in advance, we probably could have gotten my brain on Google maps! :-)


Alex Kass said...

Rich, wishing you all the best. Godspeed.

Scott said...

Thinking about you Rich. Hang in there.
-Scott Dooley

Richard Lynch said...

Just for the record, having your head chopped open while you are awake, and electric probes inserted to make your wrists and ankles twitch at something like 60 cycles per second so they can ask you "did you feel that" is just...
I am not making this up!

Jim Babka said...

So glad to hear you've made it so far. Was worried with no news for so long.

mazejade said...

Yay!! I'm loving your kind of curious and observing perspective on your own brain:) My prayers are ongoing. Jade

Richard Lynch said...

Sorry to leave you hanging Jim.
Hard to blog from the hospital between MRI scans...
Alive and kicking though!